Want to Be Academically Successful and Happy at College? Emerson Educational Consulting Can Help You Find Colleges and Universities That Are Right for You.


At Emerson Educational Consulting, we are committed to helping students and graduate school candidates find colleges and universities where they will be academically successful and happy.


Your college years should be a time for exploration and new experiences. In the words of Dr. J. S. Lehman, former Cornell president: "May you frequently travel beyond the places that are comfortable and familiar, the better to appreciate the miraculous diversity of life." We enjoy helping students find exciting and challenging places in which to do this.

Free Tools For Applying To College

College Application Checklist
New one-page form to help students stay on track of their college applications and deadlines. It can be completed by hand or completed on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Personal College Visit Report
Do you want to create personal college profiles, keep colleges and universities from blending and answer the "why do you want to attend" question with ease? This form will help you achieve all three of these goals.

A Student's Guide to Getting Great Letters of Recommendation

The Do's and Don'ts of Writing a College Essay

How To Shine During Your College Interview

Student, NYU ‘13:
“Thanks for all your great help. I couldn’t have done it without your guidance. I will make sure to update you next year when I’m at NYU.”

Given the nature of the admissions process and the selectivity of many educational institutions, we cannot guarantee admission to any institution.




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